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Burlington Poetry Journal is an independent publication that is dedicated to the concept that art should be free and accessible to everyone. In a world with so many voices we believe in a community based, eclectic approach to the publication of poetry. Therefore, the BPJ will always welcome any form or style within its pages. We are currently working towards achieving a non-profit 501(c)3 status.

Friday, July 18, 2008

A few new things

Please note that the rules for submitting have been changed.  You can find the rules at the bottom of the blog or on the last page of the Spring '08 edition.  Also we are accepting art work to be printed on the cover of each edition to the Journal.  Rules for submitting art work are also at the bottom of the blog.  

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We are pleased to announce that the Volume II, Edition I Spring 2008 f the Burlington Poetry Journal is now circulating around Vermont.  Currently, they are in coffee shops in Brattleboro , Enosburg, Saint Albans , Montpelier, and Burlington, with more town to come.  Please, read, enjoy, and if you would like one in your town let us know.

Guidelines for submitting to the Journal

Send your submission to


Please include the titles of your pieces, your name, city, state and contact information in the email.

We are happy to accommodate potential formatting concerns via mail. Please contact us for details at the above email address.

For Poetry:

Email up to three previously unpublished poems in the body of an email with “Poetry” as the subject.

If you are submitting to the “Under 18 Section”, please type “Under 18 Poetry” as the subject of your email.

We are unable to publish a poem that is longer than two pages.

For cover Art:

Email up to three pieces of original Black & White artwork as jpeg (jpg) attachments with “cover art” as the subject.

Reading Periods

January editions: October 1st to November 31st

May editions: Feb 1st to March 31st

September editions: June 1st to July 15th