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Burlington Poetry Journal is an independent publication that is dedicated to the concept that art should be free and accessible to everyone. In a world with so many voices we believe in a community based, eclectic approach to the publication of poetry. Therefore, the BPJ will always welcome any form or style within its pages. We are currently working towards achieving a non-profit 501(c)3 status.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the news!

Dear Poets and Poetry readers,
   Our Journal has made it into the Seven Days newspaper.  One of their writers found a copy an wrote a wonderful little review of the Journal.  On behalf of the other editors, and myself, I would like to thank all of you who have helped make the Burlington Poetry Journal what it is with all of you enthusiasm and wonderful poetry submissions!  Keep writing, and we will update you on when Vol. III, Ed I. will be out.  


Anonymous said...

Saw this-- bravo. You guys should have a reading--get some of the poets together to show off what's in the magazine.

Jamie said...

Just caught the announcement about this from Poemshape. Added a link to here on my poetry blog, and am wondering when the next submission deadline will be?

BPJ said...

Dear Jamie,
Our Next deadline is June 15th. You are welcome to submit your poem(s) any time until then. Thank you for your interest in our Journal and we look forward to reading your poetry.
BPJ editors

Jamie said...

I submitted 3 poems via email for the June 15th deadline and am just wondering if they were received?

BPJ said...

Dear Jamie,
yes, we have received you submissions, thank you. We should be sending our decisions out in early July. Take care.
BPJ Editors

Jamie said...

Thank you for the prompt response. :)

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